Remodeling Industry Becoming More High Tech

Remodelng Industry Technology Software CRMJust a few short years ago, it was unheard of for some remodelers and replacement contractors to even have a smartphone. But these days, more and more home improvement pros are adopting software, apps, and other technologies to help them better manage their business and people.

A recent article in Door & Window Market magazine highlights how much the industry is warming up to technology:

“The transformation in the construction industry has been nothing short of dramatic,” said Rajesh Ram, chief customer officer of Egnyte Inc., who moderated the discussion. “And the vision that’s been demonstrated by their IT [information technology] leaders in this space has been very compelling. … Today’s construction industry sits on the cutting edge of adopting new technologies across both the data center and field operations.”

Many say it’s because there are younger millennials entering the industry but I don’t think that’s the only reason. Many owners and managers are slowly seeing the benefits of technology despite fearing and maybe even hating change.

He said this has been a “natural barrier” for the industry as a whole, and while it’s starting to change, he still hears the term “necessary evil” from construction professionals regarding technology.

The article goes on to cite that technology isn’t necessarily an enabler but more of a utility. This could be because mobile technology and the mobile apps they use give them advantages. And those advantages are being noticed in all the other technological hardware and software now available to the home improvement industry.

From a mobility standpoint, he said the end users on the jobsite are demanding the ability to get information.

Take a look at the whole article from DWM when you get a chance. It’s great to see that more and more construction remodeling companies are slowly moving in on the cutting-edge technology that  other industries and businesses have been utilizing to do more, sell more, and earn more.

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