Say Thanks to Your Staff to Boost Productivity

Home Improvement Management AdviceIf you aspire to be a better leader of your home improvement company, a really big step in the right direction would be to show appreciation to your team. When employees feel appreciated, they tend to work harder and stay with the company longer. It’s a powerful motivation tool – maybe not as powerful as money or a job advancement but still very effective.

On a daily basis, most of us are already thanking people we work with. But it can be said so easily, and without thought, that it may not have as much of an impact. There are many other ways to show appreciation beyond the simple “Thanks” or “Good job” that we use so often.

Here are a few ideas on how to thank your team:

  • The top way is still to say “Thank you”. It can be more effective if you’re able to summarize why you’re thanking them. Look them in the eye and recognize what they’ve done, “I wanted to thank you for staying late and getting all those flyers shipped out on time.” When they know you noticed what they did and can see your appreciation, it will make a lasting impression.
  • If someone has done an exceptionally great job, don’t be afraid to thank them in front of the rest of the team. Have everyone stop what they’re doing and describe the work that was done, say thanks, and even offer up a round of applause.
  • To go that extra mile for a team member who has done the same for you, write them a personal note or give them a ‘thank-you’ card with a hand-written show of appreciation. So few take the time to write a note that it’s something they’ll keep for a long time and be reminded of it every time they see it.
  • Even if you send out an e-mail, saying thanks, it can do wonders. I still have a few e-mails from when I started with improveit! 360 where someone said, “Have I told how lucky we are to have you here?” And she already had, a few times, but it was always impossible to wipe the smile from my face the rest of that day.
  • Take a member of your staff out for lunch or buy them a cup of coffee to show him or her how much you appreciate them.
  • The “Employee of the Month” campaign is a bit cliched these days but you could show off someone in your company newsletter and on social media. Come up with a name for this recognition program and share it with your customers and prospects.
  • Share a story at your sales meeting or at your company meeting – here at improveit! 360, we have quarterly “Awesome” meetings where we share stories from each department where a team member went above and beyond.
  • Let the special employee make a choice on what they’d like to work on next. Give a sales rep a particular lead or set of leads. Give the designer a choice new design to tackle. Let your project manager choose the new big project.

Appreciated staff members are happy staff members. And when they’re happy, they will remain loyal to you and the company. They’ll work hard, go that extra mile, and maybe even smile on their way into work… okay, maybe not on Mondays…

Oh, and thanks for reading!

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  1. I’m always surprised when people write (good) columns like this one and fail to mention the number one way to say thank you. As a (now retired) corporate marketing manager for 40 years, I can tell you all that it is: time off work! If you really want to say thank you, give an employee a 3-day weekend or a day off. Maybe just a half day off. Maybe just let them leave a couple hours early. They’ll be VERY appreciative.

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