Should Home Improvement Pros have a Blog?

Home Improvement Company Blog for ContractorsWell, first… what is a blog? 

It’s a website where an individual or a group writes and posts their opinion, information, and regular updates. 

In fact – this is a blog. We provide tips and information on business, sales, and marketing for remodelers, contractors, and home pros. It’s a great way for us to share best practices for you so you can run your business better, get more done, and earn more money. 

But, as a home pro, why should you bother to create a blog for your business? 

These days, most people shop or at least do research online to find the products and services they’re looking for. And that’s why you have a website to display what you do and what you install. 

However, if you add a blog to your website (and you should not have a blog that isn’t actually on your site – more on that below), you’re doing several things that will increase your leads, sales, and profit. 

How? Because you’ll be: 

  1. Proving Your Knowledge – by writing a blog post that discusses a job you’re working on or just completed, you’re demonstrating you know what you are doing. When you write tips, tricks, do-it-yourself advice, or anything involving the home improvement industry, you’ll be considered an authority by your readers. And it gives potential customers confidence they can hire you. 
  2. Fostering Relationships with your Community – You can share details about your city or neighborhood. You’ll be able to offer special deals to the people who read your blog. You can pass on valuable information that’s unique to your area (landscaping tips for the soil in your climate, for example). You even discuss how to prepare for an upcoming storm or how to cope after a natural disaster.
  3. Promoting Your Business – Quality information is something that promoted Word-of-Mouth (WOM). When people or your customers read valuable tips from you, they’re more likely to pass it along to friends and family, post it on their Facebook page, and send a link to co-workers or neighbors that have a need for your services. 
  4. Optimizing Your Website for Google and other Search Engines – This is the most important – SEO. Having all those keywords written into each blog post will provide quality keywords that will boost your website with Google, Yahoo! and Bing and the other search engines. And not only keywords, but each blog post provides freshly updated content to your site. And Google loves new, fresh content always being added. A static website is an ignored website – and so they’ll ignore yours… 

You’ve got a couple of choices when it comes to adding a blog. There are DIY platforms for blogging that are fairly easy to set up. Or you can talk to your website designer about adding a blog. 

The main blog platforms are WordPressBloggerMovable TypeTumblr, and Typepad.

Also, keep in mind, I recommend that you don’t set up a blog that’s separate from your website. Put it on your site. For example, in the end, your blog’s address should be a part of your website address –  It’s should be on WordPress, Blogger or the others, where your address will look like this:  This blog is based on WordPress and one that I highly recommend – it’s easy to use and very potent when it comes to SEO. 

If the blog isn’t on your site, you won’t get the search engine optimization bonus from the blog – the blogging platform will. So, make sure it’s truly located on your website. 

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