Taking your Business Pulse: How Contractors Can Get More Done and Spend Less

how contractors can use business intelligence software to generate profitsWe wanted to know about an upcoming webinar designed for remodelers, contractors, and home pros. 

It’s called “Take the Pulse of your Business: Improving Performance While Spending Less”. It’s coming up on Tuesday, Sept. 25th, at 3pm Eastern. Join us to see how you can use the right tools to help you make smarter decisions and get better business results. 

If you filled up a bucket of water and then noticed that 90% of it had drained away, would you fill up that bucket again? No, you’d look for the problem and fix it.

Are you running your business in the dark or actively tackling every problem?

For example – do you know if (or where) you’re leaking money? How about if you’re on your way to net profit (or loss) – without waiting till the end of the year? Are any products losing you money? Which lead sources really worked? Are referrals enough to support your revenue goals? How long would it take you to find out?

You’re too busy to hunt for data – you need it to be fresh, accurate, and in one place. You need it at your fingertips – not buried in an Excel spreadsheet on one computer back at your office. You need the flexibility to choose the parts of your business you want to watch and measure.

Discover the secret sauce that helps small businesses get a return of $10.66 for every $1.00 they spend.

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