The Dangers of Linking Social Media Accounts

Posting Too Much on Social Media Contractor Marketing AdviceHome improvement companies have embraced social media with a passion! And this is a good thing!

You are taking advantages of all the platforms that can have the greatest impact on your businesses – especially the visual ones, like: Pinterest, Instagram, Houzz and even Facebook.

Why? Because it these sites allow you to show off your work as well as design inspirations. And all the homeowners out there looking for ideas might choose your contracting company to make their dream homes come true!

But beware! Homeowners follow friends and family on social media and it’s rare they follow a company or brand. When you’ve got followers, you need to do everything you can to keep them.

And one of the top reasons people stop following companies? They post too often.

Dislike ButtonYou could be guilty of doing just that… and you might not even know it.

Did you know that when you link your social media accounts together, you could be posting waaaaaaay too many times.

If you link your Twitter account to Facebook, and  upload a photo it will Tweet that you’ve done just that. And it will make an individual Tweet for all 50 photos if you upload 50 of them.

The same thing happens if you “Like” a video on YouTube and your Facebook is connected to your YouTube channel. Now, imagine if you liked 20-plus videos all at once.

Again, if Pinterest is linked to Twitter, all your Before & After photos you enter will automatically clutter up their feed.

No one wants to see a dozen or more social media updates from a company… all at once. You could lose a potential customer because they stop following you.

So, take control of your social media accounts so that you’re not over-posting… and keep people interested in what you have to offer.


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