The Most Powerful Sales Tool for Contractors

home improvement business adviceInc. magazine ran an article titled “7 Most Powerful Sales Tools” by Geoffrey James (who always has a lot of great sales advice) and one of the tools on the list really stood out. The column is general sales advice for any business, but they all easily apply to contractors and home pros. 

The tools are all based on your attitude, emotion, and intelligence as the sales person. The articles shows how a bad attitude and approach could affect the sales process and create anxiety for a potential customer. Your Commitment, Enthusiasm, Courage and Integrity all affect how you present your product or home services. He also discussed having the Curiosity to grow and the Flexibility to change with the situation. 

But the first “powerful sales tool’ on the list is the most important – Patience

From the article: 

If you’re patient, you let customers decide at their own speed.  You realize that nobody ever got a plant to grow faster by pulling at the leaves of a seedling. If you lack patience, you’ll be frustrated whenever things take longer than you’d like. Customers will sense your frustration and hesitate to buy.

Many home improvement pros get a lead and want to close the sale immediately. Even if they’re very good at sales and great at overcoming objections, some homeowners are just not ready to buy. They may not be ready to make the commitment, may not have the money, may not have the time, whatever the reason… 

Being frustrated and pushy, trying to close the deal, may lead to permanently turning off your prospect. 

But patience could lead to a greater reward down the road. We have a saying at improveit! 360:

‘Not now’ doesn’t mean ‘not ever’…

Remodeling the kitchen, re-siding the house, or even replacing a few windows is a big step for many homeowners. But they know – and you know – that they want to take that step. Whether it’s this year or next, they’ll make the move. And you need to be there when they are ready. 

How do you do that? 

One of the tools in the improveit! 360 solution allows you stay in permanent contact with every single lead you have in your database. Our lead tracking system automatically sends professionally formatted emails, on dates you decide, to remind prospects about your business. You can send them newsletters, Before & After pictures of a recent nearby job, and upcoming promotions or coupons. And the system reminds you when it’s time to call to follow-up.

When the time is right they won’t have to look you up – you’ll be right in front of them. Your patience will pay off and they’ll be so delighted with your calm demeanor and attitude, you’ll probably get more referrals. 

Which leads us to ask… if patience is so profitable, how can it possibly be a virtue? 

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