The Power Guide to Technology Webinar – Reminder

remodeling marketing and sales leadsWe wanted to remind you of our upcoming webinar on August 29th designed for contractors, remodelers, and home pros to demonstrate the value of technology and the best product choices.  

Join us next Wednesday at 4pm Eastern – there’s no cost and it’s a great way to see how you can get more done, simplify everything, and earn more money. 

Technology gives you the competitive edge that you can use to distinguish yourself from competitors which leads to greater profits.

Save Time – by automating repetitive tasks,  free yourself to perform tasks that can improve your home service business. Imagine saving 50% of your time – how much would you save, at $20 an hour and 40 weeks a year, over a 1 to 3 year period?

Reduce Errors – people make mistakes with pencil and paper, with folders and files, with Excel spreadsheets and whiteboards, with trying to remember everything instead of writing it down. If an error is caught, how much time does it take to fix it? If it’s not caught – how much will it cost your company? Can automation eliminate errors? What is the value of less employee turnover, an improved reputation, lower costs, fewer return service calls to fix errors?

Increase Profit – technology will help you earn more money. It can help you increase sales, keep customers, avoid expenses, and put more money back into the company. Calculate how much more sales can happen if you’ve got technology

Cut Costs – expenses can be eliminated by the addition of technology. Can you eliminate a  salary? Save on gas prices by not having to return to the office? Any time you can avoid repetitive and non-productive work, you’ll be saving money. 

Improve Reaction Time – with reports and dashboards, you can react to change and problems faster. You can make better decisions with information delivered in one place rather than searching around in multiple files and folders and spreadsheets. When technology can provide you with information in real-time, instead of waiting till the end-of-the-month (or worse – at the end of the year), you’ll be able to pivot and make great decisions.

Check out our Power Guide to Technology webinar to see how the latest technology can improve your bottom line. 

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