The Quickest Way to Get Things Done and Make Change

remodeling business systemsFrom marketing guru Seth Godin – a few choice words of advice we thought we’d share if you genuinely need to make a change in your home improvement or home service business: 

The quickest way to get things done and make change: 

Not the easiest, but the quickest:

Don’t demand authority.

Eagerly take responsibility.

Relentlessly give credit.

Are there any old processes you’d like to change? Any new way of doing business that could truly make a difference? 

Many contractors have been signing up with improveit! 360 this week because they’re tired of chasing leads, managing leads, and following-up on their leads. They’ve discovered our complete business management solution helps them control their leads… and so much more. 

Take the tour and see for yourself how you can quickly make a change that will impact the way you do business and gives you more time to live your life. 

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