The Reason Why Contractors Should Market with Content

Know what content is?  Well, “content” is something you create that educates, entertains, or… both. 

Examples of content? 

  • A website
  • A blog post (like this one!) 
  • Videos
  • An article in a newspaper
  • Press Releases
  • A home improvement radio show
  • Before & After photos
  • Yadda, yadda, yadda! 

Why is marketing with content important to a home improvement contractor? Glad you asked… 

  • Proves your expertise
  • Teaches your potential customers stuff
  • Builds trust so they’ll pick up the phone and call you

Okay, we’ve got that settled.  I’m writing this blog post today because of a recent chart I found. Here it is:

How Contractors Generate More Leads and Sales with Content Marketing 

Okay, why the chart? I’m so glad you asked that, too! Because it shows why these marketers are using content in their marketing strategies. What is their “primary” purpose? You can see the results – engaging with leads, generating leads, closing more deals, etc. It all makes perfect sense. 

I’m sure, however, that many remodelers and replacement contractors out there have no interest in creating content. Why should you have to write something? Or shoot a video?  You’re a home pro – your job is to improve the homes of your customers. 

Well, whether you create content – that educates, entertains, or both – or someone else in your company does or you hire some third party to do it… you are going to help your bottom line

Look up at all the “primary” reasons these marketers are creating content. Realize that, although they are primary, these reasons are also secondary, tertiary, and… whatever comes after that for 4th through 12th. 

CHome Improvement Marketing Tacticsreating content does ALL of those things listed above! All of them. When you just sell to people, you’re not winning most of them over. And you’ve got prospects who aren’t ready to buy… just yet.  

By continually providing information and ideas to them, they’ll think of you when it’s time to sign that contract!

How can you keep in touch with all the leads that are not ready yet?  Consider using a CRM system, like improveit! 360, to automatically remind you to reach out to them.  You can keep selling to those ready to buy and continue to nurture the rest of your leads with content.  You’ve already paid to bring in that lead… why not get the most out of the money you’ve already spent? 

Sign up for a free demo of this closed-loop selling system and start earning more money today!

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