Top 4 Ways to Generate More Leads for Contractors

CRM solution for remodelers, contractors and home service prosHubspot published a a study where they surveyed over 5,000 of their customers and used responses from 236 marketing professionals to find out what was the most effective way to bring in more leads from the web.

Here are the top 4 ways businesses are generating more traffic and leads:

  1. Blogging – the most popular with 25.1% saying that writing regularly on their blog worked best for more traffic and leads.
  2. SEO – 2nd most popular (18.9%) was optimizing their website – those who followed all the SEO best practices saw improved results. The search engines understood their site and liked what they saw… so more traffic was sent their way.
  3. Social Media – There’s no denying the power of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Houzz, Pinterest, and the others to allow small businesses to network with prospects, pass on great advice, link back to their sites, and build trust. So, 16.9% say that social media is a big factor in creating leads.
  4. E-mail Marketing – Finally, e-mail comes in 4th in bringing an increased level of traffic to websites with 13.5% saying so. Businesses are sending out coupons, newsletters, promotions, and updates to boost their traffic and create new customers.

What’s interesting is that paid search (or Pay-per-Click advertising on Google, Yahoo! and Bing) was fairly far down the list. Using paid search can be a pretty reliable way of driving traffic – and even tracking how much of that traffic converts. But only 6.7% said PPC was responsible for their traffic gains.

We’ve shown that content marketing is very important to small businesses. Now we have a deeper understanding of how businesses are generating traffic and more leads on the Internet.

Something else to consider – what are you doing with all of your homeowner leads that didn’t convert?

Did you know that many of the people who become leads but don’t buy from you eventually do buy? Usually within 12 months.

You’ve spent a lot of money acquiring those leads so you should get something in return for that money you’ve invested. improveit 360 has a “closed loop marketing” system in place that keeps your leads from falling through the cracks. It’s perfect for remodelers, replacement contractors and most home improvement pros. If you’d like to find out more, take a look at our Features page. And then sign up for a personal demo of how our system helps you earn more and grow your business.


7 responses to “Top 4 Ways to Generate More Leads for Contractors

  1. I agree completely. These 4 ways listed above will bring you much business. Every since I implemented this to my business I have generated more leads than ever. And it costs you nothing!


  2. I have never been able to get a return on email marketing. I used Infusionsoft in the past to help follow up, but it didn’t work as well as just making the calls. People actually seemed irritated by the emails. I’ve also tried using it for lead gen, but I’ve never found a magnet that people wanted to opt in

    1. Thanks, Robert. Email marketing can be tricky. Effectiveness depends on how “salesy” the email is, the subject line, the length of the email, the call-to-action, and even what day of the week or what time it’s sent. But email still works well with most companies. It’s inexpensive and many people still read them. It’s another tool in your marketing toolbox. It could be a good strategy to send an occasional email, then make a call, and also to mail a direct mail piece. Mixing up the mediums keeps potential customers’ attention until they’re ready to buy.

    1. Hi, Meehan. There are many companies out there that help you generate job leads but we don’t have any specific recommendations. We help home improvement companies manage their leads and grow their businesses… after they’ve brought in new leads (and help with the old leads in your database.)

      You can check out marketing services such as:
      – Keyword Connects (
      – Spectrum (
      – and HomeAdvisor (

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