We Had a Holiday Party!

So, yeah, we had our company holiday party on Saturday, January 11th. A little late, but… better late than never. 

2014 Holiday Party 1

We gathered to talk, drink, share stories, drink, meet significant others, drink, have a gift exchange, and drink! 

2014 Holiday Party 4

It was a great time… what we remember of it.

2014 Holiday Party 7

We even gave out our improveit! 360 awards to a few “rock stars” – we call them “The improvies!” 

Of course, we ALL pretty much rock (except for Sam) but we like to honor a select group of stellar performers:

2014 Holiday Party 10And then… then we had the “White Elephant” gift exchange… 

2014 Holiday Party 16

We all bring one unique gift (most are re-gifted crap we don’t want) and the next person in line decides if they want to steal a previous gift or open a new one.

2014 Holiday Party 23

It took us a long time to get through everyone, but we had plenty of laughs (you should see the photos we COULDN’T show you!) 

2014 Holiday Party 15

But… one special gift showed back up this year. A very creepy doll that our marketing director tried to get rid of last year. And… his wife picked that same doll back again (you could just hear the Twilight Zone theme playing in the background!) And check out the re-gifter’s smile in the background: “Gotcha!” 

There was even a photo album accompanying the doll… to show all her previous years adventures…

2014 Holiday Party 30

Needless to say, Justin was not a happy camper that this freaky doll (that was found in the basement of the house he bought) was back in his life… 

2014 Holiday Party 31

But… here’s all of us with our gifts in hand! Good times, good times… 

2014 Holiday Party 35

Well, until our next holiday party, we hope everyone has a prosperous and safe 2014!!!


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