What Do Home Pros Look for in Sales Software?

Surveys can reveal so much about a company. You get a glimpse into what’s really going on inside businesses. Over at Software Advice, they conducted an analysis on small businesses looking to automate the way their sales teams work.

Who can blame them? Technology is everywhere and people are downloading productivity apps in record numbers, motivated to make their lives easier. So, why not delve into the convenience of software when it comes to managing sales, marketing, and lead management?

Sales Force Automation Software Needs

A majority of those surveyed were investigating sales automation software for the first time (67%). These businesses were using pen and paper, Excel spreadsheets, or their e-mail systems to track leads.

It was interesting to note that some of these small businesses were using a form of technology but found those systems lacking. They were using generic CRM software or had a custom system built in-house. Of those surveyed, only 8% were using a sales automation solution specifically designed for their industry.

A strong 62% majority were looking to improve efficiency and bring organization to their business. Nearly all (93%) wanted some form of contact management to help them track their leads all the way through the sales pipeline.

One result surprised sales software evaluation firm Software Advice and our team, as well – the fact that a large portion of smaller businesses (less than 50 employees) saw no real need for sales reporting, forecasting or analytics. We’ve seen so many home improvement companies, big and small, benefit from reporting features that show them how well a particular product or service is performing, how sales teams and individual reps are doing, and how effective their lead sources are at generating prospects.

Sales and Lead Management SoftwareSomething barely mentioned in the survey was the ability of sales force automation software to scale along with the growth of a business. Company growth was a reason for a percentage (17% in smaller companies) to seek out SFA software but there was no mention of scalability when it comes to requested features.

Implementing a system into a home improvement company is never easy. The conversion process alone is a major undertaking. Transferring hand-written lead books or spreadsheets to the software is not something you want to do more than once. And your team needs to learn how to use the system.

When exploring your sales software options, find a sales solution that is:

  • Designed exclusively for your home improvement business
  • Easy to learn and intuitive to use
  • Scalable to your growth
  • Available anywhere there is an Internet connection
  • Customizable to your needs
  • Supported by a staff of trained professionals

Switching from manual methods or simple software makes sense for any size company looking to manage and improve their marketing, sales and lead management. The technology is ready and waiting for those home pros who want to grow their bottom lines.

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