What Does Your Home Improvement Brand Stand For?

replacement contractor advertising for lead generationYou may have never heard of Seth Godin, but he’s a famous marketer with a very popular marketing blog with advice that applies to remodeling companies, replacement contractors, and other home pros. And I love to share it when it does. 

Today, Seth’s words of wisdom concern your brand. 

What is your brand? It’s not just your company logo. It’s not the colors of your website. It’s not the font your use in your company e-mails. Those details are a part of your brand – but not your entire brand. 

Here’s Seth’s advice: 

What Does Your Brand Stand For?

If you tell me about service and quality and customer focus, you haven’t answered my question, because a hundred other brands stand for that. If you are what others are, then there’s nothing here to own or protect or build upon.

Compared to what? Compared to all those that you compete with for attention, for commerce, for donations and for employees, what do you stand for? Are you one of a kind or even one in a million?

Hyatt, Marriott, Hilton… they don’t actually stand for anything, do they? They can’t, because they stand for precisely the same thing. Puma vs. Adidas vs. Nike… They all want to stand for winning. How substantial are the differences?

Make a list of the differences and the extremes and start with that. A brand that stands for what all brands stand for stands for nothing much.

What he’s asking you to focus on here is… how you’re different from every other home improvement business? You want to provide quality work and install quality products. And you’ve been in business for 12 years. And you’ve got AA++ rating from “whatever” rating service. 

So what?

But if you can complete the type of list Seth suggests where you’re really able show how you’re different from the rest – you’ll have better and more effective advertising campaigns, you’ll bring in more leads, close more deals, and have much higher profits than any other contractor in your area.  

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