What is Contractor CRM?

crm software for buildersWhat is CRM?

If you’re a contractor or home pro and you know what CRM is then you probably know what it can do for your business.

But for those who’ve never heard of it you probably don’t know about the lead tracking, sales, marketing, and project management capabilities of CRM.

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, which is a generic way saying it’s software that allows you to manage relationships and information related to your small business.

Now, that definition doesn’t really sounds like it’s going to help manage your leads, sales or marketing efforts. But CRM can be a great tool to help you enter and store your homeowner contact information, schedule sales appointments, track prospects through the sales pipeline, and send e-mails to prospects to follow up. CRM helps generate reports that show you how effective your marketing campaigns are and which sales rep is outperforming the others. And it puts it all in one centralized location so you don’t have to search all over for your data.

The right contractor CRM software also remind you to reach out of past customers so you can sell to them again. It’s a great tool to get you organized and streamline your business. You’ll be more efficient and able to get more done with less effort.

And modern CRM systems are available “in the cloud” – which is a fancy way of saying the software is online. You don’t need to buy a disc and load it onto your computer. Anywhere you have Internet access, you’re able to access your leads and sales details.

This means you’ll be able to see all your data when you’re away from the office – using your smartphone or tablet. So, no more driving back to the office to find that Post-it note with the address of your next appointment.

And many CRM systems  grow with you as you expand and need more sophisticated features. You’ll more easily manage customer relationships and customer service. CRM can help with call center efficiency. You’ll have better close rates because you’ll follow through on every lead no matter where they are in the sales process. And you’ll be able to automate a lot of your manual steps to save time and cut costs.

Is CRM the Answer?

Is this technology the answer to your prayers as a contractor, remodeler, or home service pro?

If you’re looking for a quick fix by adding some new software, then CRM will not solve all your problems. Why? Because implementing CRM (or any new software) requires that everyone on your team “buy in” to a new process. If you’re used to writing down every lead by hand and then entering them again manually into an Excel spreadsheet, or scheduling appointments on the whiteboard, and don’t want to change these error-prone time-wasters… then CRM is not for you.

But if you are ready to change your business process for the better, then a CRM solution will certainly help take your contracting business where you want it to be.

Our suggestions to help pick the right customer relationship management tool would include:

  • Choose a CRM business management system designed specifically for your industry, not a generic solution you’ll have to customize to meet your needs
  • Go with software that is available through the Internet (ie, online or “in the cloud”) so you don’t have to worry about installing it yourself or upgrading it on your own
  • Make sure it can be customized by the vendor specifically to your business
  • Find a system built on a solid foundation – such as Microsoft or Salesforce.com – so you know it will work, will last, and will be there down the road
  • Make sure they company you choose has excellent implementation, training, and customer support available to help you get the most out of your CRM system

If you’re a replacement contractor, remodeling company, general contractor or other home services expert, we’ve got a contractor CRM software solution built just for you.

Contact an improveit 360 expert to get a personalized demo of our best-in-class business management tool that was designed by a top 50 remodeler. We’ll show you how to get organized, track every lead until they buy, be more efficient, cut costs, and eliminate the chaos in your business.

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  1. As you have pointed out, CRM software, just like other applications may not be a quick fix to any one problem, but instead a long term solution. Customer satisfaction needs to be priority one, and any automated software package that will help you stay on top of what needs to get done and frees you up to take care of other business is a cost saver in the long haul.

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