What’s the Right Amount of Lead Follow-up Calls?

As we’ve discussed on the improveit! 360 blog, many home improvement companies and their sales reps are not following up on their leads. We’ve shown how important it is to try to make more contacts on a lead if you want to close more deals – both today and down the road. 

But for those who are planning to implement a lead follow-up process, we hear the same question over and over. 

How many times should we follow up on a lead?

Sales industry research from multiple studies show that 85% of businesses aren’t making enough phone calls. They’ve discovered that the average sales rep makes between 1.7 and 2.1 attempts to reach the prospect. 

2 times is not nearly enough. 

People usually don’t make big decisions fast – unless they’ve got a plumbing, electrical or HVAC emergency. They like to talk to several companies. They like to get a few estimates. But their need usually never goes away. 

If your lead doesn’t buy from you – who will they buy from? Well, if you’re only calling twice – on average – then they’re probably buying from your competitor. 

At a minimum, you should be calling on a lead at least 6 times. This may not include every single lead, however, as some are likely not as qualified or for the optimal product or service you provide. But 6 times should be the limit for your strong leads. 

And that’s just the minimum – what you must do. What’s the optimal amount of phone calls? Again, those studies have shown you’ll get the best results if you’re calling on average 8 to 12 times over a 10 to 15 day period. 

automated sales followup software for contractor leadsThat may sound like a lot to you. And many of our customers have told us that they don’t like to be too pushy or aggressive. But in today’s world, homeowners are busier than ever. Just because they don’t pick up on the first ring doesn’t mean they’ve lost interest. 

You might have a few who get upset if you are constantly calling them but if they are simply screening calls and not answering your first few, then part of the burden is with them. If, however, they wanted to talk to you but you just didn’t connect at the right time? Then you’ll end up making them happy when you finally do. 

Call your prospects and keep calling until you hear from them or assume they’re not ready to buy at this time. But place them in a lead nurturing track and keep reaching out to them every few months and you’ll build a relationship that will lead to a sale. 

We have a new customer that joined today that found out about us over a year and a half ago. They received a call and didn’t join. But they got an email from us about a month and a half ago that led them to our site. After a few weeks, they got an invite to a webinar. Five days later, they went to our website again and poked around and finally filled out our Request for a Free Demo. They just completed their demo and joined our family. 

Keep reaching out and you’ll be on the minds of your potential customers – whether it’s now or two years from now. Follow up. Follow up. Follow up…. 

And then follow up. 

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