Why is E-Mail Marketing Still Effective? Because it Works

contractor email marketingYou probably hate getting e-mails from companies who are always trying to sell you something. But you’ve to ask – – why do they continue to do it? Because using e-mail to communicate a message still works. Very well, in fact.

Using e-mail to market your home improvement business makes sense. Here are the biggest reasons why you want to start using e-mail or continue to take advantage of it:

  • Cost Effective: It doesn’t cost much to send
  • Ease of Use: Most e-mail systems are not difficult
  • Targeting: You can segment who you want to send to
  • Drives Direct Sales: E-mails do lead to sales
  • Quick Response Times: People respond fairly fast
  • Build Relationships, Loyalty & Trust: You’re always on your prospect’s mind
  • Track Results: It’s easy to see what works and what doesn’t

E-mail is the electronic equivalent of sending a direct mail piece, a printed newsletter, or placing an ad in a magazine, newspaper, or insert. It’s an incredibly important medium for home improvement businesses to use to generate leads and increase sales.

The trick to making e-mail work for your company is not just sell. You can let potential customers know about your services every once in a while but try to mix up your messages. Here are a few tips:

  • Solve a Problem – How-to videos, tips on buying the right product, show how to save money.
  • Be a Resource – Provide educational tools (videos, guides, etc.) announce your DIY blog, let them know you’re doing demos at the Home Depot.
  • Focus on Homeowners – Don’t make it about your business, make it about them.
  • Be Creative – Don’t just send a newsletter. Link to or use video, photography/images, useful apps, etc. It doesn’t always have to be a newsletter or a coupon.
  • Conduct a Poll – Use your e-mail to poll your list and discover what their plans or ideas. Will they remodel this year? Do they need new windows or siding? What’s on their wish list?  What are their financing options?
  • Offer a Coupon – It’s okay to sell yourself occasionally and many homeowners accept and read e-mails if they might get a deal or a discount.

So, don’t be afraid to send out e-mails to the people on your list. Use it to prove your expertise. Use it to keep your company “top of mind” for homeowners because they’re eventually going to need to hire a professional.

Don’t send too often. Use short subject lines. Get the point quickly in your e-mails. And have a “Call to Action” on what you’d like them to do (call for a quote, download your guide, etc.)

Take advantage of this powerful tool and you will see a boost your bottom line!

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