Why Should I Hire Your Home Improvement Company?

remodeling company marketing tipsI really need to know why I should hire you. 

And I’m a typical homeowner with a thousand things to do and a short attention span. I’m bombarded daily by e-mail, phone calls, text messages, coupons stuffed in my mailbox, TV commercials, radio ads, pop-up banners, Facebook “Suggested Posts”, Twitter “Sponsored Tweets”, and, well… you get the picture. 

So you don’t really have 10 minutes, or 1 minute, or even a short elevator ride to convince me. 

You have one sentence to tell me what you do, how you’re different, and why I should hire your company.


It’s not easy is it? Summing up your business into one sentence, a brief phrase, is not something many owners or even marketing pros can do well. 

Albert Einstein once said this: 

If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.

I’m not sure that’s always a fair assessment. But it calls attention to the fact that many don’t make the effort to condense their business down to a digestible concept that can easily be explained to prospects.

Even here at improveit! 360, we’ve tried hard to come up with a new tagline and haven’t always had much success. Our sales and marketing teams struggle to define easily what it is we do! We’ve got our “elevator pitch” down, but to really tell you what we do… in one sentence… is not as simple as it might sound. 

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Is it that we “don’t understand it well enough”? No. Not really. So… today I’ll try it in this blog post. Let me know what you think: 

improveit! 360 is a business management system that helps home pros grow their business and bottom line.

Whew! That’s still kinda long, but… it is one sentence. But it doesn’t really offer a unique selling point (USP). 

One more try:

improveit! 360 is the only business management platform designed to help home pros quickly and efficiently build wealth.

Still not perfect but closer. 

The point here is you want to simply explain what it is you do and why the homeowner should hire you. 

What is your single sentence? 

Find it and use it in your ads, on your trucks, on your business cards, in all your marketing materials.

Your prospects will thank you for it! 




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