3 Ways Home Pros Can Maximize the Value of Every Lead

Getting more out of every lead isn’t rocket science, but it does require the right communications, tools, and processes.Growing Lead Value

Whether you’re short on leads or have an abundance to work through, you should be taking steps wherever possible to increase every lead’s value. By creating a seamless process to move leads from marketing to sales and back to marketing, you can get leads to convert faster and ensure they don’t forget about you after they’ve made a purchase.


Optimizing Lead Value

If you want to increase the value of your leads, you’ll need effective marketing tactics, strong lead nurturing, and a way to ensure your potential business opportunities don’t slip through the cracks. To get started, consider the following:

Personalize Your Communications

The products and services you offer aren’t all the same, and neither are the people you sell to! Consumers come in all shapes and sizes – and their wants, needs, and financial situations all differ. For that reason, you shouldn’t be using one-size-fits-all communications when nurturing your leads.

By taking the time to understand the distinct buyer personas you target, you can segment those buyer types and craft personalized messaging for each. In doing so, you’ll communicate with your potential customers as individuals and provide them with more value that relates to their unique needs, ultimately building more trust and increasing your chance of making a sale – cha ching!  

Always Have a Follow-Up Task

Being diligent with your follow-up activities can help ensure that you get the most of every lead, prospect or customer. But when you’re dealing with tens or hundreds of leads, remembering to follow-up after every single touchpoint can be difficult and get a little bit messy – a problem that an industry-specific CRM system like improveit 360 can solve.

Every time a prospective customer is entered into the improveit 360 platform, the system will automatically create a reminder for you to follow up with that prospect and will continue to generate automated follow up tasks throughout the customer’s lifecycle. With this capability, you can save time that’s normally spent creating follow ups, but more importantly, you can rest assured that nothing in your pipeline gets lost in the shuffle.

Market After the Job is Done

Once you’ve wrapped up a job – don’t say goodbye to your customer just yet. Instead, consider the avenues for new business they can offer you. Does your customer live in a busy neighborhood? If so, you can leverage the work you completed for them to connect with nearby homeowners. Improveit 360 even offers a mobile and desktop tool designed to help identify sales close to where you are, so you can easily reference work you’ve done within the area when canvassing for new leads.

Additionally, if you’re not already asking for referrals, start now! Asking for referrals is one of the easiest and most effective ways to maximize lead value and increase sales. With improveit 360, you can also use call campaigns and calling software integrations designed to contact customers efficiently and streamline your referral process.

When you implement strategies that maximize the value of your leads, you’ll be surprised at how quickly you can increase sales and accelerate growth at your company. And by using improveit 360’s industry-specific CRM system, home improvement pros can gain access to tools that make it simple to execute the practices listed above and help ensure you never drop the ball during the sales process. 

To learn more about how improveit 360 can help you maximize lead value, schedule a demo with one of our team members today.