Some Highlights of Our Powerful System Purpose-Built Just for Home Improvement Companies

CRM & Lead Management

Track & Manage Every Step Of All Your Relationships

  • Centralized Incoming Lead Database
  • Lead Tracking & Management
  • Duplicate Lead Prevention
  • Integrates All Your Lead Gen Services/Tools
Lead Management CRM

“All our leads come into one place automatically and stay on the right path. We can track everything and see EXACTLY what our ROI is.”

Appointment Scheduling

Easily Schedule Your Team & Automate Communications

  • Filterable, Drag & Drop Calendars
  • Block Scheduling
  • Google Calendar Integration
  • Auto Emails/Texts to Prospects & Staff
  • Syncs Everything to Sales Rep Mobile App

“The calendar tools allow us to better schedule sales staff and crew members by capability, market segment, and more. There’s absolutely nothing like it out there!”

Sales Tools & Quoting

Increase Conversion Along Every Step of the Sales Cycle

  • Dedicated Mobile App for Sales (*Works Offline)
  • Real-Time Appointment Resulting from the Field
  • Pipeline Management & Required Follow-up
  • Job Quoting w/ Product Configurator
  • E-signature & Mobile Signing
  • One-Way Sync to QuickBooks Online/Desktop

“A little here and a little there… improveit 360 has increased our numbers in so many areas it added up to HUGE sales growth that keeps compounding like interest.”

Marketing & Call Centers

Close the Gaps With Our Closed Loop Marketing System

  • Automated Lifecycle Emails
  • Call Center Functionality & Campaigns
  • Click-to-Dial w/ Five9 or RingCentral Integration
  • Proximity Search
  • Custom Email Templates

“We love the way it all works together so that no potential customer ever gets ‘buried’. We’ve implemented many best practices to help us generate more leads and close more sales.”

Project Management

Manage Projects From Contract to Completion

  • Filterable Production Grid
  • Custom Project Templates
  • Task Reminders
  • Cross-Team Communication
  • Purchase Orders
  • Photos, Contracts, & Document Management
contractor project management

“The efficiency and profitability gains have been incredible. We found a better method of scheduling installations and managing the back-end operations.”

Business Intelligence & Reporting

Make the Right Decisions at the Right Time

  • Real-time Data from Every Corner of Operations
  • Completely Customizable Reports
  • Personal, Role-Based, & Company Dashboards
  • Recurring Report Scheduling

“Data doesn’t lie. We now make better decisions with our marketing dollars and better assessments of our sales staff. It’s a huge leg up on our competition while helping dive our bottom line!”