Our main goal is to help your home improvement business succeed so here are answers to some frequently asked questions. If you don’t see your question – contact us at your convenience and we’ll be able to help!

About the improveit 360 Solution

Our system was purpose-built for home pros looking to grow their business, or at least their bottom line. If you need at least 15 full-time employees as users and want to track and manage your leads and customers, build quotes, manage appointment scheduling and projects, and create powerful business intelligence reports then our system would be perfect for you and your team. We work especially well for large, multi-location businesses and franchise networks. We have customers that range in size from 15 to over 500 employees.

improveit 360 provides a online business management system for general contractors, remodelers, replacement contractors, closet companies, painting contractors and many more home pros in the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. It’s not software you have to install. You can simply go online and log-in to your account and, like that, you’ve got access to your leads, to your marketing reminders, tasks, appointment calendars, and to valuable dashboards and reports showing how your business is performing. You can even access your data with your phone, tablet, or laptop.

There is no need to incur the costs associated with purchasing and maintaining a server. improveit 360 is available in the cloud – which is a fancy way of saying it’s available online like Google or Facebook. This allows you to access your leads, appointments, schedules, reports and all other information anytime, anywhere. Even from your phone, tablet or remote PC or laptop. There is no IT person required either. We handle all the system updates and addition of new features and well as technical support.

improveit 360 has a dedicated conversion team to help not only import your existing database but to clean up any errors or formatting issues. It can take some time for the conversion process, depending on how much information you have in your current database. We have already converted many companies from some familiar software systems, because they outgrow them or need better functionality, so we have processes in place to save time. We’ll even show you how to re-market to old leads and previous customers, generating more sales from leads you already have.

Your database is yours to keep and you can export it any time. Being part of the Salesforce.com network of servers located all over the planet, we keep your database safe and secure for you. Whenever you need to access it or export it, we can help. We’ll happily provide you with instructions on how to export information from improveit 360 whenever you need to do so.

We integrate with many e-mail systems so check with us to let us know what type and version you are using. You can also send emails from within improveit 360, making them look like they came from you or your business email address with our customizable e-mail templates.

Sure, we integrate with a variety of third party software applications in improveit 360. We have out-of-the-box integration capabilities and some require some customization work. Check with a director of business development for more details by calling us or filling out our Free Demo form on this site.

improveit 360 Go mobile app is available for Apple and Android phones. With our mobile app, your sales reps can access personal calendars, create quotes, communicate appointment results, search for nearby prospects or projects, enter new appointments and leads, attach photos and so much more. As a customer, your team can download the app for free to an iPhone, Android device, or tablet and they’re ready to run close more sales on the go. Because improveit 360 is available on the cloud, you can also access your system remotely from any desktop, laptop or tablet, as well.

We have certified developers and account managers who can make improveit 360 fit your business even better. Our system does not force you to do things only one way because we know many home improvement companies are different and have different needs. Because the system is on the Force.com platform, it is very customizable and flexible. And it is very scalable, which means that it can grow as your business grows.

We update the system often – usually with 4 to 8 “rollouts” a year. And there’s no cost to you when we update the system. There’s nothing for you to install either – we handle every upgrade on our end. You just kick back and enjoy the new features and improvements! We have many ways to let you know about and train you on all updates before the release to show you how all the new features work.

We do not yet offer an accounting feature but we can definitely work with you to integrate your accounting processes with improveit 360. We do have an integration with many versions of Quickbooks and are constantly working with companies on an individual basis.

We harnessed the power of the technology platform that Salesforce.com runs on, but we went on to customize it to support the sales process used by contractors, remodelers, and other home improvement companies. You still get the power and security of that Salesforce platform but you’ll get all that customization already built-in. This saves you tens of thousands of dollars you’d need to customize Salesforce.com to meet your needs within this industry. Now, if you are considering going with any another system, consider that it was probably built as a “homemade” version of their own software and they’re hosting it on their server(s). What happens if they lose their server or go out of business? You lose your valuable data. As a $50+ billion market cap company, we’re confident Salesforce.com isn’t going out of business any time soon. So your database and information will be safer with improveit 360.

Remodelers love our software, but so do replacement contractors, closet companies, basement foundation companies, roofing companies, general contractors, painting companies, window installers, even manufacturers and home improvement franchises, you name it. Nearly all home improvement companies benefit from our powerful system. Our business development consultants work with you to determine if improveit 360 is a good fit for you. Our goal is your success!

No, but we have relationships with companies that do. If you’re interested in purchasing leads from an Internet lead provider, we can help you receive those leads directly into your improveit 360 system. Our system ensures you’ll get the most out of every lead you have. Imagine being automatically reminded to contact recent leads, past customers to upsell or cross-sell to them, or even get referrals from happy clients. Many of our customers have improved how many leads they convert by as much as 200%!

We do not provide website development or search engine optimization services. But we will help your website developer get leads from your website directly into our system, so that if a potential customer fills out a form on your site, the lead will automatically go into improveit 360. Our team provides educational best practices on sales, marketing, online marketing, advertising, and business management all the time – on our site, blog, videos, webinars, and e-guides! We’re the only business management system in this industry that provides quality informational content to help you run your business better.

About the improveit 360 Customer Experience

Enterprise contains all the same features as the Professional version as well as extensive sales features designed to help you support your call center so they can quickly work through leads and setting appointments.

Your account manager will be with you every step of the way. From your initial conversion through ongoing training on new features, we will help you get the most out of your system. We provide an initial set-up call to make sure you have all the right settings in place. We provide training to get up and running. Our team will provide continual technical support whenever any issues arise. You can e-mail us at [email protected] or call us! Our support hours are Monday through Friday, from 9am to 5pm (Eastern).

Our excellent support personnel are available to provide you and your team the training you need to get the most from improveit 360. Training with your account manager is available, as well as training videos and documentation. We even offer on-site training for larger companies that require it.

Let your account manager know! We keep every idea we receive and try to prioritize the development of new functions and features. And we jump on those “Why didn’t we think of that?!” ideas right away and most of our current features and ones in development were suggested by our customers. You speak and we listen.

We always notify our customers when new products or features are coming so keep an eye out on your email inbox! Also, we have a select few “beta testers” – companies that test and try out new features before we release them to everyone. Just let your account manager know if you’d be interested once you’re up and running with the system. We always send out emails with videos and/or documentation for new features before they are released.

It really varies based on how much data you have to import into the system, how soon you can get it to us, and how quickly you’re available for your set-up call to get your system settings set. If you have no data to import, we can get you up and running on the system in a short amount of time. Talk to a director of business development today by filling out the Free Demo form on this website.

Our system can create quotes, invoices and P.O.s within improveit 360 and even mobile quoting on our Go mobile app that can be sent via email or saved as a PDF for printing.

The system has a robust calendar that supports scheduling your sales appointments as well as your projects. You can color code team members, send appointment reminders, schedule time blocks, and so much more. Our system is perfect for scheduling and accessible for everyone in one place, even when you’re on the go.

About the improveit 360 Security, Reliability, and Infrastructure

We are built on the leading CRM system in the world, Salesforce.com and we utilize their development platform called Force.com platform. This means you have a powerful ally at your back with the largest server network available. This means you have more uptime, your data is more secure, and you can retrieve your database at any time. Force.com provides redundant data protection and the most advanced facilities protection available, along with a complete data recovery plan.

There are mechanisms built in to limit what types of data or even what fields can and cannot be seen by your users. For example you can hide all sales data from a specific group of users, or even just a single field such as a Social Security number. If you would like, you can even limit what times and what locations your users are allowed to login from, so they can only log in from your business computers during business hours (and not from home or after-hours.)