Revolutionizing Home Improvement: A Tech-Driven Chat with Baths R Us’ Jon Steiner 

In a marketplace where innovation and efficiency are king, Baths R Us shines brightly, thanks in large part to their forward-thinking approach to technology. And the man behind their tech strategy is data analyst and visionary Jon Steiner.  

Over a casual coffee chat, Jon shared the inside scoop on how Baths R Us uses tech to outperform competitors and deliver unmatched customer satisfaction, with a special shoutout to their secret weapon: I360.  

For a quick Q&A, we sat down with Jon where he divulged how technology, particularly their I360 system, is at the core of their success: 

Empowering Small Teams for Monumental Achievements 

Q: How does a tool like I360 support small or one-man teams like yours in achieving big results? 

A: Opting for I360 represents an optimal decision for a compact team seeking to enhance efficiency and innovation.  

The implementation of I360 has significantly expedited our new CRM deployment, reducing the timeline by approximately eight months. The availability of a proficient and well-informed support team with I360 is crucial, providing us with invaluable assistance to bridge any knowledge gaps we encounter with the software.  

Moreover, I360’s capability to aggregate data from diverse sources into a unified platform has been transformative. This consolidation empowers me to allocate more time towards addressing strategic business challenges, rather than dedicating efforts to data management tasks. 

Strategic Collaboration and Continuous Improvement 

Q: How do you collaborate with the I360 development team to put in place effective IT solutions? What advice would you give to others in a similar position?  

A: One of the standout features of I360 is its comprehensive training sessions, which embrace a “train the trainer” methodology.  

This strategy has proven to be highly effective for our team. It [instills] confidence to not only utilize the system adeptly, but also to impart knowledge and train our staff efficiently. 

Furthermore, professionals from the Data/IT sector can immediately identify the quality of I360’s documentation.  

The team behind I360 appreciates the significance of superior documentation, making it an integral part of their service offering. This attention to detail ensures that users have access to clear, concise, and useful resources to support their needs.  

Insights for Industry-Wide Application 

Q: What key lessons from your experience with technology in home improvement can benefit IT leaders across the sector? 

A: I hold the view that one of the most influential actions leadership within a company can undertake is to pose [high] quality questions. However, the challenge arises when the team lacks the necessary tools to provide answers to these questions. 

With I360, my confidence is bolstered by the assurance that regardless of the complexity or nature of the inquiries posed by leadership, I am equipped to deliver the answers more swiftly and effectively than with any other CRM solution currently available in the market. 

Conclusion: A Tech-Forward Future in Home Improvement 

The benefits of a robust CRM system are clear. From centralized data management and improved customer service — to enhanced visibility, insights, and scalability. With the right tech stack, the journey towards a more efficient, profitable, and customer-centric business is within reach. 

Wrapping up, Jon’s enthusiasm for I360 and the potential of CRM systems in the home improvement industry is an inspiring call to action for businesses to embrace technology and redefine what’s possible. 

Here’s to the future of home improvement, where technology and strategic vision combine. Here’s to creating unparalleled customer experiences and operational excellence. 

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