Home Pros: Are You Providing Sales Tools Your Reps Need to Succeed?

contractor sales mobile appsA lot of home improvement company owners might think that technology is all that’s needed to get their sales reps to sell more.

While there is a ton of software and smartphone apps out there to help salespeople be more efficient, you need the right approach to make any of it work right.

Many digital sales tools, that are available today, are provided to their sales team with a “Top Down” tactic. Many reps will refuse to “buy in” to some technology because they think it’s being thrust upon them in order to report on them, look over their shoulder, but never really help them sell more. And that’s a problem.

While the technology (like phones, cameras, drones, apps, etc.) that help sales reps constantly evolve, with more and more features, many see these tools as a barrier rather than a performance enhancer and the majority are not fully leveraging these tools’ capabilities.

From a recent Accenture study, they found that reps were dealing with too much technology, that this monitoring was a problem, and that the technology was not personalized to them:

59% Reps say they are required to use too many tools

58% Reps felt tools were used to monitor performance rather than increase it

56% Reps felt tools not customized to their needs

So, in order to more easily get salespeople to adopt new technology it’s important to consider implementing tools with a “Bottom Up” approach. What exactly is that? This approach means giving them access to only the most important tools, that are easy to use, provide them with the details they need, and have it be customized to them.

Here are points to think about when it comes to empowering your sales team to sell more:

  • Few Apps/Systems as Possible – Limit the devices, software and apps they need to learn and use
  • Remote Accessibility – Allow them to have access to their prospects, calendars and notes away from office
  • Personal Calendar – They only need to see their own schedule, not the other reps’ calendars or the whole office calendar
  • Document All Texts and Emails – Eliminate the need for them to use their own devices, if possible, so you give them a trail of all their communications
  • Create Accurate Quotes – Provide a system that allows them to create accurate estimates remotely to prevent errors and issues
  • Enter Data Once – No one wants to enter notes and prospects on their phone and then have to repeat it all back at the office
  • Only One App/System to Learn – By limiting too many apps and making the ones they use easy to learn, they’ll take advantage of the technology
  • Eliminate Paper/Manual Processes – Reps can spend too much time on busywork – preparing reports, finding files, writing notes – and the right tech saves this
  • Personalization – When they have apps built just for them, they’ll quickly see the benefits and they’ll eventually wonder how they lived without them

When we developed our sales rep mobile app, we took the “Bottom Up” approach. We knew that home improvement salespeople can be slow to change. In fact, most really hate change.

sales apps for replacement contractorsWe made sure the reps only had access to their own personal calendar on their phone. With our Product Configurator, the home office could create a system that lets reps build estimates with all the color, size, and quantity fields easily added so they could give accurate quotes at the kitchen table. They can enter new leads in the field, schedule appointments, see their personal tasks, and view necessary details and notes on their prospects.

Our mobile app is personal, easy to use, and customizable for the individual reps. It gives them everything they need, at their fingertips, when they’re on the road and keeps them from having to make unnecessary trips to and from the office.

If you’d like to see our mobile app, sign up for your own no-cost personalized demo today!