RemodelerGo – Now Available!

We’re excited to introduce your sales team to their new, pocket-sized best friend – RemodelerGo! We’ve heard your feedback about the i360Go app and have prioritized your in-the-field sales support needs with a new, modernized app, focused on empowering your sales team to do their jobs and make more sales.   

Why RemodelerGo?  

1. For Your On-The-Go Teams 

RemodelerGo focuses on delivering the tools your mobile teams need to do their jobs. Those tools include GPS navigation for appointments, easy access to tasks and to-dos, quoting tools, payment collection, and more.  

Some of the features we think your team will be the most excited about as they transition from i360Go include:  

  • Product images for visual quoting   
  • Search improvements  
  • Multi-calendar support   
  • Updated Quoting workflow 
  • Updated in-field, in-app payment collection  
  • Adding & updating Activities   
  • Support uploading of multiple file types (video, image, Word, PDF, spreadsheets, PPT, etc.)  

2. Different CRMs, Same Mobile Tools 

Secondly, we’ve designed RemodelerGo to work with multiple CRMs, including our sister-company MarketSharp. When you use the application, you’ll notice multiple log-in options on the home screen. This allows our customers to change CRMs as their business and needs evolve while keeping the same tools that their sales team use in the field. Sharing this app between our companies also allows us to focus more resources on the application and add more features to it faster.  

Who RemodelerGo Isn’t for 

This first release is only available on iOS (iPhones and iPads) for our sales audience. While we’re not quite ready to support your on-the-go production needs or your Android users, those capabilities will be rolling out this year! 

What’s Next for RemodelerGo in 2023?  

We have exciting plans in the upcoming year for RemodelerGo. We will share more details as these features get released, so keep an eye on this blog. Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come.   

  • View your projects + production support   
  • Android release   
  • Push notifications  
  • Sales contract enhancements
  • Marketing Opportunities  

Ready to try it? Download the app and enable auto-updates to get the app as soon as it’s available.