Contractors: Combine SEO Best Practices With Content Creation to Get More Leads

*Today’s blog post is an article written for us by our friends at Contractor Charlie…enjoy!

Things are always changing in the SEO world and with how we communicate with people. No matter the changes, the number one thing to keep in mind is that Google is always looking for ways to make a better user experience. When you focus on your reader, provide high-value content and use SEO best practices, you will increase leads.

In 2017, it was estimated that Google accounted for 79% of all global desktop search traffic. That means if you want to win the SEO game, you have to follow Google’s rules.

Here are a few of the things you should be doing for SEO:

Pick The Right Keywords and Focus On Them in Your Writing

You can find relevant keywords for your Home Service business by using your Google Search Console. Hooking your website into the search console is recommended for many reasons, but keyword research is another one. Neil Patel puts out a free keyword search tool called Ubersuggest that will give you great insight.

For example, if you are a siding company, you would want to use phrases like: vinyl siding colors, wood siding, siding contractors, etc.

Help Your Home Pro Business Rank Locally

Backlinking on local websites is a great way to build your rankings for your area. Some of the directories I recommend include:

Also, you should write pages of content that are specific to the cities you serve. Make a web page for each city so you have a better chance of getting picked up for “near me” searches. For example, if you were a roofer in Dallas, you could say something like- Our expert roofers are proud to take care of the residents of Dallas.

Update Your Website

There are several things you can do to get on Google’s good side. They are always looking for ways to enhance the user experience by sending them to websites that are easy to use. To make a good user experience, your site needs easy to navigate web pages, fast loading pages, and a website design that is easy to use on your phone.

Make it Relatable and Easy to Read

Everything you write should be relatable and easy to read. Think of it as writing an email to a friend about what you do and the services you offer. You want warm, friendly content that has short sentences and paragraphs.

When you combine these SEO best practices with great content writing, you can get more leads for your remodeling business. It is worth it to invest time, money, and effort into your strategies. The more you put in, the more you can increase your rankings and get leads.

About the Author

Contractor Charlie is an online marketing company specializing in SEO and blogging that was designed with contractors in mind. They offer solid link building strategies as well as on-page optimization best practices to help their client’s rank better in Google so potential customers can find them.