Why Bother?

Let’s pretend for a second that you are searching for some new business software for your home improvement business. You’ve done your due diligence, sat through demos of multiple systems, and narrowed it down to a couple of promising choices. Now you compare these systems to find the winner.

When you’re comparing, are you trying to see which one more closely aligns with how you currently run your business?


There was a good reason you started looking for a new system. Maybe your current system is paper and spreadsheets, and you’re concerned that jobs are running late or lost because you have information spread all over the place.  Maybe your current system is lacking features, like reporting, and you’re tired of not really knowing the state of your business or areas you could improve.

If you are looking for a business platform that perfectly fits your current system, you are missing the entire benefit of change.

Why Bother?

You know what system works perfectly with your current system? Your current system. The whole reason you are looking for a new business platform is that you need growth. Growth is change. Change can be painful, but in business, the other side of that pain is always better than the opposite – stagnation.

If you aren’t willing to change or abandon old processes and adopt new ones, you are resigning your business to the status quo.

Is this how you got to where you are now? Or, did you take the steps necessary to create the success you currently enjoy. I’m willing to bet you took a few chances, made some mistakes, learned a ton of lessons, and all that experience led you here.

Now’s the time to decide…do I rest where I am or take the necessary steps to optimize my business for future growth.

Staying in your comfort zone is always an option; success means different things to different people.

However, if you’re going to look for a new business system, you should be looking at whether it improves your processes, not that it fits them.

If you’re not going to take this opportunity to change your business for the better, then…