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How One Report Grew a Business and Saved a Fortune on Marketing

AROCON Roofing and Construction was founded in 2008 and experienced terrific growth right out of the gate. The company, based in Westminster, Maryland, was able to leap from $1.7 million in sales in 2009 to $9.4 million in 2013. Marketing Director Sean Wolfe credits much of the explosive growth to their purchase of online leads generated by online Pay-per-Lead providers (PPL).

"We use improveit 360 on our pay-per-lead campaigns to organize the leads coming in. We review the data, qualify the leads, and see if there is missing or incorrect information. We then use reports and dashboards in the system to request lead credits from the PPL providers to help us get a better return. If you don’t have a way of tracking the credits, you’re going to be over-spending on your marketing."
Sean Wolfe, Marketing Director, AROCON

The Challenge

Finding a Platform to Help Them Track Returns

AROCON was spending thousands of dollars with these lead generation companies but had no fast, effective way to track the returns. They were receiving leads from multiple sources but there was no way to easily show, in real-time, how many leads turned into appointments, sales, and profitable projects.

“One critical piece of information we use from the sales dashboard is the conversion rates. We can see how all our lead sources are performing. We’re able to track the performance of each marketing source.”​
Sean Wolfe
Marketing Director, AROCON

The Solution

Using a System with Custom, State-of-the-Art Reporting Features

AROCON relies on leads from almost a dozen online lead generation services to bring in new business. Each one charges the company for every lead delivered. Some generated more than others but the owners of AROCON saw a need for the reporting features available in customer relationship management (CRM) systems that measure sales and marketing results.

They reviewed several generic and home improvement-specific CRM options and chose improveit 360, because of their state-of-the-art reporting and dashboard features.

The Results

Lowering Their Cost Per Qualified Lead Amount

They use the built-in reports and dashboards for more than pay-per-lead generation oversight—they’re able to see lead scheduling activities as well as views of their sales appointments issued, run, and every result. AROCON’s cost per qualified lead amount is now lower than the industry average by $75.

“The reason ours is so low is because we’re able to maximize the marketing dollars spent by using the reports in the system,” said Wolfe. With improveit 360, they were able to see some PPL companies delivered plenty of leads but the sit and close percentages were very low or non-existent.


AROCON had a customized report built in their system (“Lead Credit Report”). This allowed them to go to the lead providers and request a better rate, get credits on leads purchased, or eliminate the source entirely.

Leads come in automatically from lead providers and are assigned a lead source. They attempt to contact their leads and some may have incorrect numbers, never answer, or insist they were never interested. Reps simply check off a box in the system on unqualified leads, which adds them to the report.

Every month, they run the Lead Credit Report, and bad leads are sent to the lead providers requesting credit or re-submitting if credit was denied. They currently get credit on 40% of leads purchased, saving them a huge amount of money.

This report and their powerful process to get more lead credits alone allows them to pay for all their users on the improveit 360 system for the entire year within 1 to 2 months.


AROCON Roofing and Construction uses improveit 360 to keep tabs on all leads and manage their marketing budget. Improveit 360’s customized reporting helps them track performance, gain insights, and save money as they continue to grow their business.

improveit 360 has helped thousands of contractors automate their processes, gain insights into their operations, and make better business decisions. To learn how you can grow your home improvement business with improveit 360, schedule a demo today.

AROCON Roofing and Construction

About AROCON Roofing and Construction:

Based in Westminster, Maryland, AROCON Roofing and Construction, LLC. is one of the fastest growing home improvement companies in the Mid-Atlantic region. They serve central Maryland and Southern Pennsylvania. Their crews specialize in roofing, siding, gutters, and other construction projects. Their explosive growth has earned them a ranking on the 2013 Inc. 500. What started as the big dream of three young men has become a multi-million dollar home improvement company.