Remote and In-Home Selling: How to Step Up Your Presentation Skills


When was the last time you reworked your sales presentation?

Let’s make something clear: your sales presentation should be MUCH MORE than just a product demo. It should be more than just a sales pitch, and more than just you presenting facts and figures about your home improvement business. A presentation that sells will grab your prospect’s attention, get them excited about their project, and provide them with a holistic view of what it looks like to work with your company. Not sure where to start when it comes to remote and in-home selling? We have several tips to help you create a winning presentation!


Delivering a Presentation that Wows

When it comes to remote and in-home selling, the right tools and approach can help you present to prospects like a pro. Here are three tips to keep in mind when reworking your sales presentation:


Tip #1: Take a Story-Telling Approach

Name one person who doesn’t love a good story. You can’t, can you? That’s because stories tend to be relatable, evoke empathy, and are typically more memorable than hard statistics or data points. Plus, it’s pretty easy to frame your presentation as a story. For example, if you ask your prospect to close their eyes and take them on a step-by-step journey through their project, you can help them visualize a successful project outcome. Ultimately, whatever story you pick, just be sure it ends with a strong call-to-action!

Tip #2: Personalize, Personalize, Personalize

There’s no one-size-fits-all sales pitch that will work for every prospect, and the same goes for your sales presentations! That’s why it’s crucial you personalize your presentation wherever possible. However, in order to personalize anything, you need to be able to track quality information about your prospects – something a CRM software like improveit 360 can help with.

Improveit 360, an industry-specific solution designed for home improvement pros, can help you manage important information about your prospect’s, interests, needs and previous contact history. With this data on hand, you can avoid presenting information that you’ve already shared with your customer and more effectively determine what information would best appeal to your prospect.

Tip #3: Skip the PowerPoint Slides

Don’t get us wrong, PowerPoint can be a great tool, but it’s a bit ‘been there, done that’. Your customers have sat through countless static PowerPoint slides before, so switching it up with some different technology can positively surprise them. A presentation software like Ingage, for example, can help you build interactive presentations with features like tappable buttons and video cover pages. And if you’re presenting from home, you can easily share your Ingage presentation via zoom or another video conferencing software.

You may also be interested to know that improveit 360 has actually partnered with Ingage to bring the best-in-class digital tools to your sales teams. Together, these two cloud-based platforms can help you say goodbye to outdated sales processes and boring PDFs, and hello to streamlined funnels and interactive presentations. For example, NEWPRO – a powerhouse home improvement company serving the New England area – has seen major value with both improveit 360 and Ingage. They’ve used Ingage to build a repeatable sales process, and that combined with improveit 360’s automation abilities have enabled NEWPRO to effectively manage their leads, present to homeowners, close deals and grow their team. You can learn more about NEWPRO’s experience with improveit 360 and Ingage by reading this case study.  

In a nutshell, you can build a sales presentation that your prospects will want to listen to by combining the right technology with the right, personalized information. And to make sure your presentation is personalized to your prospect, consider using improveit 360’s industry-specific CRM system. With improveit 360, your home improvement business can capture all of the key prospect information you need to build a relatable, effective presentation and close more sales.

To learn more about how you can use improveit 360 to step up your presentation skills, schedule a discovery call with one of our team members today!