3 Ways a CRM Software Can Transform Your Customer Experience

While offering quality products plays a key role in customer retention, providing an unparalleled customer experience is what really keeps customers coming back for more!

Think back to times where you’ve had a poor customer experience. Even if the product or service you purchased knocked your socks off, poor and disjointed communications, processes, or customer service can leave a sour taste in your mouth. If you want to transform your customer experience and exceed homeowner expectations, try leveraging a CRM software.


Newsflash: A CRM system is more than just a sales tool!

In fact, most CRM systems can handle the weight of managing finances, enhancing marketing efforts and most importantly, creating a frictionless customer experience from start to finish. Improveit 360, an industry-specific CRM, was built for home improvement pros so they can better manage their businesses and therefore, their customers. If you’re wondering exactly how a CRM software like improveit 360 can transform your customer experience, consider the following: 

Execute More Meaningful Marketing Efforts

Communicating wisely with homeowners is HUGE if you want to provide an excellent customer experience. A CRM system can add consistency and personalization to your messages, and many CRM’s offer a range of avenues for connecting with your customers. Users of improveit 360 have built-in emails and text messaging at their disposal and can call homeowners directly from the system when they integrate with a call center software.

Improveit 360 also has out-of-the-box communications designed for every significant touchpoint of the customer journey, A.K.A “Lifecycle Emails”. If your customer schedules or cancels an appointment, for example, you can use improveit 360 to automatically notify both the homeowner and staff. Lifecycle Emails were even written to include the necessary and most important information your customer needs. Thanks to this, you won’t miss key details and will avoid sending multiple emails to a prospect or customer. Plus, with a whole database full of customer information, you can use a CRM to effortlessly pull in customer data to your messages and create a more personalized experience. Oh, and did we mention that a platform like improveit 360 will automatically track what communications have been sent to prospects or customers? That’s right- you’ll never have to worry about sending the same message twice! Before you know it, you’ll be planning and tracking your marketing efforts like a pro when you use a CRM.

Offer Homeowners Payment & Financing Options

Consumers love options. By providing your customers with payment and financing options, you can make it easier for a homeowner to work with your company, and boost cash flow in the process! Adding flexible ways to pay for their purchases, your customers will ultimately be able to do what works best for them and naturally have a better experience with your brand. Another benefit: your customers will be inclined to come back for more, knowing they’re already pre-approved for any financing or payment plans you offer!

With a CRM, like improveit 360, you can store and track the individual financing options you offer your customers right inside the system. If you want to make it even simpler for your customers to pay you, you can also integrate improveit 360 with PaySimple, a payment processing tool that allows you to take payments directly from the improveit 360 application.

Simplify Sales & Referral Processes

Signing the dotted line and providing referrals should be painless for your customers. By using a CRM system, you can simplify your processes by eliminating the time intensive or repetitive tasks and replacing with automation. Most CRM’s naturally track every action made in the system, so you don’t have to deal with manual data entry and the human error that comes with it. And since every activity is logged, you’ll have a bird’s eye view into where each of your prospects and customers are in their journey. This will allow you to quickly identify bottlenecks in your processes and make improvements where necessary in order to streamline a customer’s sales experience.

When your home improvement business asks for referrals, a CRM like improveit 360 makes it easy to segment your customers into targeted call campaigns so you can move them along the referral process more smoothly. Should you reach out to homeowners you haven’t spoken to in a while, don’t stress! Improveit 360’s call queue feature displays key information about a customer & their history so you can get a quick refresher and better tailor your conversation. With that type of attention to detail, you’ll blow a customer’s expectations out of the water and collect referrals like candy on Halloween. 

Improveit 360’s industry-specific CRM gives you the instruments you need to really wow homeowners and keep them for life. From personalized email communications to organized call lists, improveit 360’s relationship management tools will streamline your processes and help create a hassle-free experience for your customers. By taking the time to enhance your customer experience, you’ll ultimately win more repeat business and, as a result, drive more sales for your home improvement company!

To learn more about how improveit 360 can help you transform your customer experience, schedule a demo with one of our team members.