5 Key Benefits a CRM Software Can Offer Your Sales Reps

With abilities to automate processes, integrate with other systems, and collect and store mass amounts of customer data, it goes without saying that a CRM system can set your sales reps up for success.

sales rep at front door with tablet

Leveraging a CRM software will improve performance across all of your different teams. And YES, that includes your sales reps – remote or not! By using tools built to ensure that no customers are ignored, and every prospect is contacted on time, your sales reps will be set up to succeed and drive more sales. Because CRM systems can track things like emails sent from the system and any tasks assigned to your reps, you’ll have the visibility you need into your employees’ day-to-day activities to identify where process optimizations can be made. Your reps will even have more flexibility for getting their work done when they use a CRM system! For example, improveit 360, an industry-specific CRM, offers home improvement pros both a desktop and mobile application so they can manage their follow-ups from the office, on the road or in the field. The bottom line: your sales reps WANT easier ways to sell, so why not provide them with the tools to do so effectively?

Step Up Your Sales Game

PSA: Your sales strategy is only as good as the reps who execute it! Whether you want to drive more sales, cut lead conversion time, or create a more personalized approach, a CRM software can help optimize your sales strategy and step up your sales game. By providing your sales teams with a CRM system, they’ll have the purpose-built tools they need to save time and boost productivity. If you’re still on the fence, take a deeper look at the key benefits a CRM can offer your sales team:

1. Reduce Data Entry

Imagine a world where your sales reps can easily capture important customer information, without even having to do any typing. Well, in a CRM like improveit 360, your sales teams can leverage tools like pre-written email templates and automated follow-up creation to reduce manual data entry (and nurture their leads in the process)! If you really want to cut down typing time, find a CRM system that integrates with a calling software. Improveit 360’s platform partners with industry leading phone systems, like Five9 and RingCentral, to provide users with time-saving features like click-to-dial to and automatic call logging.

2. Streamline Lead Conversion

Thanks to personalized communications, automated activity tracking and effective scheduling tools, your reps will have no issue getting to the sale faster when they use a CRM software! As stated earlier, CRM’s track practically every action in the system and can tell you exactly where in the process any customer or prospect is. Improveit 360’s CRM offers a Prospect Timeline feature to help users avoid making duplicate efforts by showing them what actions have been taken with the homeowner and what communications they’ve already received.

Most CRM systems also have tools or automated communications that can be leveraged to nurture your leads to buy faster. In a CRM system like improveit 360, you can take advantage of Lifecycle Emails to communicate instantly with a prospective customer after every important touchpoint. Plus, improveit 360 also offers robust calendar tools so that reps can quickly create, schedule and assign new appointments and make their pitch sooner. If they close the deal, your reps can instantly create the new sale from wherever they are using i360’s mobile app.

3. Manage Follow-Up Activities

While it should come as no surprise, getting a lead to buy sometimes requires reps to follow up multiple times! And since sales reps juggle several leads at once, managing all of those follow-up tasks can be time-consuming and get messy, fast. Luckily, many CRM system were designed to automate and keep track of follow-up tasks so sales reps can communicate with prospective customers in a timely and consistent manner. Improveit 360’s CRM uses a Marketing Opportunities feature to ensure every lead or customer has a next step lined up. With Marketing Opportunities, sales reps will not only be able to prioritize which leads they want to connect with, but they’ll maximize the value of every lead by ensuring they never slip through the cracks.

4. Offer Customer Insights

With a system that naturally captures all key customer data, automatically, your reps will have no problem using a CRM to get to know their customers better. In a CRM like improveit 360, a user can simply go to any prospect record and quickly learn more about the homeowner: maybe they’ve had several scheduled appointments and cancelled each one, or maybe they just recently called in with a complaint or issue. Whatever the case is, your reps will be able to instantly gain the insights they need to decide which leads they should be concentrating on.

5. Drive More Opportunity

While all of the above will ultimately help your reps drive more sales, many CRMs offer even more tools designed to bring in more business. With improveit 360, your sales reps can utilize the Proximity Search feature to help them identify nearby homeowner’s they’ve sold to before, or homeowner’s that they’re still working to buy. If they’re running an appointment, your reps can use Proximity Search to find and show the prospect close by examples of the company’s work. Your sales teams can also use the search feature to check up on previous customers to confirm their needs have been met and even pitch product add-ons or upgrades. If they really want to drive more opportunity for your business, your reps can use Proximity Search to reengage with existing customers and ask for a review or referrals.

So, the question is: do you want your sales to grow like weeds? If the answer is “yes” (which it should be), then make sure your team is utilizing a CRM software! The only tough part is getting your sales reps to embrace the idea that a CRM can help them reach their fullest potential. To make the move to a CRM easier, consider an industry-specific CRM that was built for home improvement pros, like improveit 360. Improveit 360 offers robust training to make sure each of your teams, sales reps included, are as successful using the product as possible.

Learn more about how improve it 360 can help skyrocket your sales reps’ productivity  and drive more sales, schedule a demo today!