Five Ways to Improve Your Speed to Lead

improveit 360’s Director of Business Tim Musch was recently invited to join Level 10’s CEO, Rich Harshaw, on his daily podcast. In this episode, Tim discusses five ways to improve your speed to lead to increase your conversions.

Living in the age of immediate information, people want responses, and they want them now. 78% of customers buy from the first business that responds to them and according to a Harvard Business Review survey, calling a lead in the first five minutes is 21 times more effective than calling after 30 minutes. And companies that respond to customers in the first hour are seven times more likely to convert. Responding to your leads quickly and effectively is more important now than ever.

Tim’s Top Five Ways to Improve Speed to Lead

  1. Design your landing pages to quickly convert leads to prospects
  2. Cut your company’s response time down
  3. Route leads automatically to reps within your CRM
  4. Set alerts to reps to communicate immediately to leads
  5. Add live chat and chatbots to your website

Listen to the podcast to learn more about the ways to improve your speed to lead and how to incorporate these ideas into your own business’s strategy. 

improveit 360’s CRM system was purpose-built to help home improvement companies like yours drive productivity, automate processes, and close more deals. To learn more about how you can leverage improveit 360 to improve your speed to lead, schedule a demo with one of our team members today!

Level 10 Contractor is a proven, results-driven contractor marketing service. Their podcast focuses on insights, information, and inspiration to help remodeling and home services contractors make the jump to $10MM+.