improveit 360 + Cantey foundation Specialists

One Customizable System + Exceptional Customer Service = Improved Operations for Two Companies

As sister companies to one another, Cantey Foundation Specialists and Cantey Roofing share a lot in common. They have the same ownership, are built on the same values, and they’re both powerhouses in the home improvement industry. Of course, given their names, it’s quite obvious that Cantey Foundation Specialists and Cantey Roofing don’t offer the same products and services. But for a while, this key difference wasn’t the only thing that set the two companies apart.

"Every idea we had, they [improveit 360] worked with us on to help make it happen."
-Laurie Dukes, Midlands Regional Manager, Cantey Foundation Specialists

The Challenge

Lack of Visibility into Key Metrics

There was a time when Cantey Foundation Specialists and Cantey Roofing sat on two different ends of the spectrum when it came to knowing their numbers. On one end was Cantey Foundation Specialists, who was using improveit 360’s powerful CRM system to build customizable reports and dive deep into their metrics. Meanwhile, Cantey Roofing was using a different CRM software and struggling to get a clear view of their numbers. According to Laurie Dukes, the Senior Regional Manager of Cantey Foundation Specialists and Customer Care Manager of both Cantey Foundation Specialists and Cantey Roofing, the source of Cantey Roofing’s problem was CRM system with little room for configuration.  

“It was very hard to nail down numbers, like ADL, in the CRM that they [Cantey Roofing] used previously. They couldn’t customize reports to see the things you wanted to see, like their Average Dollar per Lead (ADL).”

So, Cantey Roofing made the decision to ditch their current CRM system for something better. Cantey Foundation Specialists was using improveit 360’s reporting to gain actionable insights into their operations, identify where inefficiencies were, and streamline their processes, and Cantey Roofing wanted the same ability. However, there was one thing stopping them from making the move to improveit 360.

The Approach

A Need for Customization

For Cantey Roofing to switch CRM systems, they had to first ensure that improveit 360 could support their unique pricing structure. To do this, they needed improveit 360 to build a custom quote template for them so that they could create custom pricing in the system how they wanted. Lucky for Cantey Roofing, the combined power of improveit 360’s customizable platform and customer support made it easy to deliver on this request.

“Everyone was so helpful and any questions or changes we had to make were done so quickly. Every idea we had, they [improveit 360] worked with us on to help make it happen. The customer service we have received . . . has been phenomenal!”

The Results

The Ability to See Data Like Never Before

With their custom quote template successfully built and executed, Cantey Roofing was able to make a seamless transition to improveit 360 from their previous CRM system in July of 2020. So far, they’ve seen improved efficiency when creating quotes, and have found that improveit 360 is much more user friendly than their old software. Plus, Laurie says that with improveit 360’s reporting, Cantey Roofing is finally able to view the metrics they need.

“They’re able to see numbers they weren’t able to see before. They’re able to find inefficiencies they’re able to see that average dollar per lead number. . . that wasn’t something they were able to do in the previous CRM system.”


Now, Cantey Foundation Specialists and Cantey Roofing have another thing in common: improveit 360.

To learn how you can customize improveit 360 to best fit the needs of your home improvement business, schedule a demo with one of our team members!

About Cantey Foundation Specialists

Cantey Foundation Specialists is a foundation repair company in Camden, South Carolina that provides residential foundation repair services for bowing foundation walls, foundation settlement, tilting chimneys, sticking doors and windows, and tilting or leaning walls. Cantey is a part Supportworks network and offers quality products, proven services, and professional experience to permanently repair any foundation problem. For more information, contact Cantey Foundation Specialists at 1-803-373-5527.

About Cantey Roofing

Cantey Roofing is a trusted roofing contractor providing The Midlands area with quality roofing services including both roof repair and replacement. They have over 15 years of experience in the home improvement industry and are also part of Klaus Roofing Systems, one of the largest networks of roofing contractors in the U.S. For more information, contact Cantey Roofing at 1-803-877-7450.