improveit 360 + Sure-Dry Basement Systems

How Real-Time Data and Ease of Navigation Improved the Customer Experience and Boosted Productivity for Sure-Dry Basement Systems

Since August of 2018, Sure-Dry Basement Systems has used improveit 360’s CRM system to collect and store their valuable customer data. They’ve been able to integrate their other business software into improveit 360, and their internal staff have a suite of powerful data management, scheduling, project management, and reporting tools at their fingertips. But according to Cheryl Falstead, the Customer Care Manager at Sure-Dry, what stands out most about improveit 360 for them is that now, they always know where to locate the information they need within the system, when they need it.

"Thanks to improveit 360, we never have to put a customer on hold again."
-Cheryl Falstead, Customer Care Manager, Sure-Dry Basement Systems

The Approach

Improving Productivity

Sure-Dry was able to work with improveit 360’s Customer Success team to activate time-saving features within improveit 360, like the Attachment Manager and Prospect Timeline, and as a result, has taken their productivity to new heights. The Prospect Timeline gives the team a detailed history of what’s happened with a customer since they were entered into improveit 360, while the Attachment Manager, referred to as a “godsend” by Cheryl, allows Sure-Dry to quickly filter through every attachment in the system and find whatever document, files or images they’re looking for in seconds.

"Whenever we’re looking for something or trying to problem solve, improveit 360 is so easy to navigate that we’re always able to quickly and effortlessly find what we’re looking for.”

Sure-Dry also leverages improveit 360’s powerful reporting capabilities to find the information they need efficiently. Every improveit 360 system comes with several out-of-the-box reports designed to measure business and individual performance and key metrics, but users have the ability to create their own reports or customize any existing report to best fit their needs.

“The reports that we have access to can be easily manipulated to quickly provide whatever it is we’re looking for, if it’s a missed appointment or if we can’t remember who our last call was with, it’s easy to narrow that information down with improveit 360’s reports – it’s that simple.”


The Results

Gaining Actionable Insights

Finding information more quickly has certainly improved efficiency across their office, but Sure-Dry has also relied on improveit 360 reporting to gain powerful insights into their operations. With abilities to track nearly every action made in the system, improveit 360 makes it easy for Sure-Dry to identify trends within reports and make better business decisions.

“Tracking wise, we know what we’ve sold, which allows us better inventory management and ordering processes. It simplifies those things for us and gives us more accurate forecasting when it comes to inventory.”

Enhancing the Customer Experience

Additionally, the improveit 360 system has given Sure-Dry users the ability to run multiple sessions up at once, meaning users can work within the system from two separate tabs and get the same, real-time data on both. This has enabled the Sure-Dry team to find information even faster and schedule prospects quicker than ever — something Cheryl says has drastically improved their customer experience.

“Now, everything is so accessible to our internal team. We’re able to have multiple sessions up, which is so necessary. By working off of two screens, we can look at our customer data on one, then we can look at calendars here on the other screen. So, when we’re talking with customers, we’re able to see what’s available to them right away and schedule them rather than putting them on hold or calling them back.”

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Moreover, when the COVID-19 pandemic began in early 2020, Sure-Dry was able to leverage improveit 360 to capture which appointments were being canceled due to the outbreak. From there, they were easily able to keep track of those cancels and use reporting to figure out which appointments had been rescheduled, and which had not.

"We had many cancellations due to the pandemic, but we never would have been able to reach out those cancellations as quickly or seamlessly without that reporting capability. That was so key for us.”


All in all, improveit 360 has helped Sure-Dry cut out the tasks that were slowing down their operations. They know where to find key data and as a result, have gained a better understanding of their business and improved the experience for their customers. But Sure-Dry isn’t done enhancing their home improvement company just yet. In fact, they plan to start using improveit 360’s text messaging soon to streamline their communications with customers and remote teams.

To learn how your home improvement company can use improveit 360 to skyrocket productivity and optimize your customer experience like Sure-Dry, schedule a demo with one of our team members today!

About Sure-Dry Basement Systems

Sure-Dry Basement Systems is a part of the Basement Systems Network, the largest network of basement waterproofing and crawl space contractors in the world. Located in Menasha, Wisconsin, Sure-Dry Basement Systems has three main areas of focus in foundation repair: Water control solutions that include advanced draining and pumping solutions, repairing and straightening of bowed walls, and fully engineered piering to stabilize foundations that are sinking or shifting due to inadequate earth support.