5 Key CRM Integrations for Increasing Productivity

With abilities to reduce busywork, boost efficiency, and make your life way easier, not taking advantage of major CRM integrations is practically a crime.  

Take a moment to imagine a world where you don’t have to enter the same data multiple times and verify that you’ve entered that information correctly across multiple systems. In this world you’d have cleaner data, more time back in your day, and probably be an overall happier person. And the best part about this ideal world? It’s not far out of reach. By integrating a CRM system with your other business software, you can create a connection that cuts out the back and forth between systems and significantly increase productivity across your operations.

increase producitivty

Jumping on the CRM Integration Bandwagon

In order to take advantage of CRM integrations, you need a CRM system that has the power to integrate with other software. Improveit 360, for example, is an industry-specific CRM system that offers home improvement pros major integration potential. But with the vast variety of integrations out there, figuring out which are the best for your business may have you scratching your head.

Let the following serve as a guide for which types of CRM integrations will have the greatest effect on productivity:


1. eSignature Integrations

Wouldn’t it be great if you could create, send and track your sales documents without leaving your CRM system? Well, that notion can become a reality when you integrate your CRM with a document management software. Improveit 360, for example, integrates with DocuSign, one of the most widely used e-signature services in the home improvement industry. This type of integration creates a simple, fast, and reliable way to obtain customer signatures, streamlining your proposal process and putting time back in your pocket.

2. Calling Software Integrations

Contacting customers and tracking call center performance becomes a whole lot easier when you integrate your customer database with a calling software. In improveit 360, you can integrate with call software providers like RingCentral or Five9 to automatically log every call for higher accountability, reporting, and training opportunities. Calling software integrations like these also often offer click-to-dial features, increasing call speed and efficiency so you can reach more leads in less time.

3. Accounting Software Integrations

Finding a CRM that plays nicely with accounting software is crucial if you want to save time and gain a more holistic view of your customers. Improveit 360’s CRM integrates with QuickBooks Online and Desktop versions, allowing you to push customer, sale, and receipt information from improveit 360 into your organization’s Quickbooks workbook. With data synced across these two systems, you’ll have a more efficient accounting process and better manage valuable information about your finances.

4. Text Messaging Integrations

Integrating automated text messaging into your CRM system will add serious consistency to your messaging and eliminate communication errors. Because your CRM stores all of your customer data, you can create texts that pull in client-specific information and build more personalized messages. In improveit 360, you can use texting to send appointment reminders to your prospects, reducing no-shows and increasing conversions along your sales pipeline. You can even configure texts in improveit 360 to be sent to your sales reps or installers with information about their upcoming appointments, improving internal communication across your organization.

5. Web Form Integrations

Using Web Form integrations do more than just increase productivity; they help you respond faster to lead inquiries and improve lead management. With improveit 360’s web form integrations, customers can visit your website, enter their information into a form, and that data will flow directly into your improveit 360 system. You can even set up improveit 360 to notify specific people when a new lead comes in, allowing you to reply to the lead even faster. Plus, having lead information flow directly into your CRM reduces manual data entry and therefore reduces the chance for data errors.

By integrating your CRM system with your other business software, you can eliminate the frustrating, confusing tasks that come with jumping from system to system and increase productivity across your entire company. And with improveit 360’s industry-specific CRM system, home improvement pros can use all of the types of integrations mentioned above, and more.

To learn more about improveit 360’s integration potential, schedule a demo with one of our team members!