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Contractors: Combine SEO Best Practices With Content Creation to Get More Leads

Things are always changing in the SEO world and with how we communicate with people. No matter the changes, the number one thing to keep in mind is that Google is always looking for ways to make a better user experience. When you focus on your reader, provide high-value content and use SEO best practices, you will increase leads.

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Do you know the REAL threat to your home improvement business’s data?

When you think about security, you probably think about “Mary’s” phishing email above, trying to get your info or weasel some cash through scams. The good news is, these scenarios are less likely to affect your home improvement business than you might think. The bad news is, there are MORE COMMON dangers your data could face that aren’t talked about as often.

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Hopefully you’ve found some useful tips and tricks that will help grow your home improvement business. Often times in the industry we hear this basic sentiment: “Now that I have all this helpful information, how do I find the time and resources to implement and put it to use?” improveit 360 is a complete business management platform that will allow you to setup, manage and even automate some of the best practices covered here. Interested to see how?